Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC enables small businesses, caregivers and senior citizens to use affordable technology solutions to solve problems.

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  • If you are a business owner struggling to leverage technology to grow your business, we can help with:
  • Evaluate your needs and provide recommendations for the best technology to meet your needs in a cost effective manner.
  • Create and host a website that will help you market your products and services.
  • Deploy the hardware (servers, routers, IT infrastructure) that you need.
  • Procure software and customize it.
  • Train your staff to leverage the technology to smoothly run your business.
  • We can even develop customized software to help manage your business -- on servers, workstations and tablet devices.


We now offer one-stop shopping for ALL your Business IT needs, everything from basic IT support to web hosting for your business!

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We are committed to America and its small business industry which has consistently driven recovery from recessions despite large hurdles. We are located in central North Carolina, where we can be easily reached.

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